Shepherds huts have a long history and tradition, they are a part of the countryside. Perhaps more important than that, they

look fantastic and draw people towards them. They have a sense of romance and intrigue – people just want to get inside

them and stay! Jack Roots is a designer and cabinet maker. He now turns his skills to making high quality one-off shepherds

huts. His business model is craft based, with a focus on bespoke design detail. Jack builds only a handful of huts a year,

and he builds them without compromise on quality – If this speaks to you, speak to Jack.


The word ‘bespoke’ means different things to different people: some want a lot of design input, others like to trust

the maker to create for them. Any level of involvement is fine. Jack likes a challenge, and will be happily taken to the

unexpected places a seemingly strange request can go – so ask the “could it have a ……..” question. The answer is

invariably yes – even if it takes a good bit of design invention to achieve – he enjoys that!


Based on a smallholding in a beautiful area just outside Edinburgh, Jack has taken huts far down south in England,

and way north in Scotland. If the project is right, distance is not an issue. The cost is dependent upon the complexity

of the design, however as a guide a simple hut now (spring 2023) would begin at around £20,000, before the designed

elements are added. Each hut is unique, that is the point! Construction time is usually 3 months, start time is a negotiation

between desires and work schedules. If it can be achieved, it will be achieved.

Shepherds Hut Scotland keeps itself a small bespoke craft business – so no vat.



Simple Roots bespoke furniture


Jack’s background is in cabinet making, and he worked for many years creating bespoke furniture. Although that market has

declined, he still gets the occasional commission, and they are very welcome, be that an individual piece, or a key part of

a hut.

Below is a selection of some of his furniture work:


want to discuss your future project? contact Jack on:

Phone: 07546 891193 


19 Mannerston Holdings, Blackness, Linlithgow, EH49 7ND, Scotland.